Solutions for Augmented Reality

LASTER Technologies is a pioneer company specialized in informative eyewear display technology. LASTER’s optical technologies allows users to view digital information (text, pictures, video or animation) clearly superimposed on the real environment. Through the company advanced algorithms concerning object recognition, tracking and three-dimensional locating, LASTER’s products overlay virtual objects onto the real world, bringing an unique experience of enhanced vision and augmented reality.


Professional and General Applications

  • Industrial Applications In production and maintenance applications, our products can save time when the work team is performing complex tasks, as relevant information for each component work package can be directly displayed within the visual field of the informative eyewear user.
  • Medical Applications In medical applications, enhanced view technology allows a surgeon performing a complex operation to view information relevant to the patient directly overlaid on the working area.
  • Defence Applications In the field of defence, there are major benefits in being able to view relevant information within the natural field of vision in the handling of weaponry, supervision on military operations, logistics support, and military exercises or drills.
  • Civil Power Applications In Public Security situations, like in military applications, real-time and localized information (GPS, map, photo, instructions, etc.) shown directly in natural field of vision can be vital to public security activities (police, fire service, security protection).
  • Applications for the General Public For consumers, Laster technologies allow the user to access the Mobile-Internet, GPS information and to be presented with enhanced information not normally available in real-time (sightseeing information, background data, night vision).

Images and information are added to the user’s field of view, complementing his perception of the real environment.

Integrating the virtual and the real world, our products present the user with information which is not normally available. It allows the operator to monitor data in real time and integrate visual signs in all situations. This facilitates complicated tasks, providing guidance in novel situations or training the user by preparing him or her for possible future events by simulating specific scenarios.


All images shown are for illustrations purposes only. Actual products appearance may differ from pictures.